29 Dec 2014

The Homes you want to build and live in 2015

2014 has gone and we are welcoming 2015. New dreams, new aspirations, new targets in life will take place. In those dreams, one is may be to live luxury life. The Great Homes define the living luxury! Today, many architectures are coming with one after other great architectural examples. But there are still few old architectural samples which are unique and inspires many people to have something like that. Here I am going state a few which challenges the norms and pushes the boundaries of contemporary architecture and interior design. If you are planning to make and design a living luxury in upcoming year, this list may help you to do something above ordinary.

Sir John Soane’s House, London, UK

Sir John Soane RA was famous English architect who specialised in Neo-classical style. Read more about him in Wikipedia. The house was built in 1792. Today it is turned into museum. Sir John Soane has implemented all his architectural ideas in it without thinking about traditional design. And he has done over his life and modified many times. Make your house a reflection of your personality and thinking. Do experiment with architecture and interiors as much as you want and make your home your dream home.

Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, UK

The four small cottages converted into idiosyncratic home and it became the Kettle’s Yard. Kettle’s Yard was built in 1956 and was home and personal art gallery to collector Jim Ede and his wife Helen. The home demonstrate how to combine arts and objects into spaces of everyday living. You don’t need special space to put the art in your home. Currently it is owned by Cambridge University. Many students and architects visits Kettle Yard every year and get inspired to design something extraordinary.

2 Willow Road, London, UK

2 Willow Road is part of a terrace of three houses in Hampstead. It was built and designed by architect Erno Goldfinger in 1939. Goldfinger lived there with his wife and their children until his death in 1987. He has had something of a rise and fall in popularity since his death. It has managed by the National Trust since 1995 and is open to the public. The specialty of the house is its flexible layouts which made possible using folding doors and movable partitions. It inspires many architect to make interiors less rigid and keep it movable. Apartment and small villas having small space can be brought alive with clever use of partitions.

Casa Malaparte, Capri, Italy

Casa Malaparte is one of the best example of Italian modern and contemporary architecture. The house was built and designed by famous Italian architect Adalberto Libera for well-known Italian author Curzio Malaparte. Casa Malaparte is famous of its stunning location on a cliff overlooking the sea. But such location is not always in your budget. Still I have this house because it is also noted for its sweeping staircases, masonry and spacious, well-lit rooms. The staircase to the roof is one of the creation in the world. It is masterpiece of architecture to articulate every possible space. Today the house is used to conduct serious study and special cultural events in Italy.

Monticello, Virginia, US

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello is testimony of his talent of neoclassical architecture. Thomas Jefferson was third president of the United States. He started building Monticello when he was just 26 years old. The remarkable thing about the house is how well it integrates with the landscape despite its foreign deportment. The plantation was originally 5000 acres. The house shows how to challenge the landscape and the surroundings to make it more beautiful. Jefferson and other founders of US wants to make US the new Rome, so he want to create architecture which challenge the ancient Rome art. And he had done it in Monticello.

So architecture skill comes from observation. Before you design your own house, you should see some world’s best architectural masterpieces. Though, if we can’t inherit all the things due to budget restriction, it is your passion which will bring best. And passion comes with challenge the contemporary and traditional designs.

The write works with e-commerce marketing department of The Jewel Hut. He loves to find best, whether it is jewellery or houses.

17 Dec 2014

5 Most Popular Gifts People Brought From Real-Time Data

Christmas is just few days away! People already started shopping for themselves or to gift someone. Without going here and there, let’s go straight to the point. If you haven’t chosen gift items yet, I want to help you. As I am writing this on 16th Dec, 15 days already gone of the very special December month. Many have completed their shopping or done through halfway. So here I want to list out 5 most popular items people brought. These items are extracted from real-time data of online e-commerce stores of TH Baker & Co. family jewellers; The Jewel Hut, House of Watches and TH Baker.

Pandora Sterling Silver Christmas Stocking Bead (£25)
This cute charm is sure to spread some festive joy. The Sterling Silver design features a Christmas stocking with a bear and doll inside. Perfect as a special Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one. This Pandora bead is on top of our list with most number of bought. If you want, shop it here,

Pandora Silver Bracelet (£55)

Pandora’s customisation helps many persons to create different bracelet for different occasion by attaching various charms, beads and clips to the plain bracelet. So if you are confused about what someone like it or not, gift this bracelet which is must to make any special bracelet. People also though that way as it seems. This simple bracelet in on second of our list. It comes with signature Pandora clasp. Shop it here if you like this,
Pandora Starry Heart Bundle Bracelet (£99)

This elegant Pandora bracelet is adorned with two smooth ball clips and super stylish starry heart charm with open work cut out star detailing. The wishing stars also represents good wishes for Christmas. If you don’t want to give a plain bracelet, gift this one with always evergreen charm. The person whom you gift must like this. Buy this one here,
Okay, if you want something else then Pandora products? Here is one from Thomas Sabo.
Thomas Sabo Silver snowflake charm dropper (£21.95)
This Thomas Sabo snowflake shaped charm is crafted from silver and hanged with lobster clasp. It can be used with bracelet or looks awesome as pendant also. Let me tell you, this one can adorn beautiful neck of lovely ladies out there. Pick this one in very handy price as well.
Are you looking for something extraordinary and also in your budget? Here I have found one item which is really really fantastic and best gift for your loved one.

Sekonda Ladies Jewellery set with watch (in just £69.99)
You can’t find any best gift then this! It includes an elegant watch, a beautiful bracelet, an awesome neckless and earrings set. This five pieces magic box will take your relationship to newer heights. Its not only me think like this, but people who have bought also think the same way and they are in large number. Order this complete gift box from here,
This is my effort to help you through shopping and to make sure you get best gift item in best prices. This also will inform you about current trend. Make your Christmas Moments unforgettable. Merry Christmas in advance!